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LinensBy Celina

Est. 2009

White satin wedding linens for a wedding reception.

Specialty  Linens

Our Story


In 2009 LinensBy Celina came into fruition through the ingenuity and hard work of Celina Pedraza.  With over 30 years experience in the professional drapery and traditional seamstress industries, Celina started this small business primarily to service the needs of families celebrating weddings, baptisms, and other intimate events.


After a few years of continuous work, LinensBy Celina expanded both creatively and regionally.  Elaborate and custom-made linens were essentially becoming a staple signature for the company.  Corporate events and exhibitions also displayed the intricate fabrics originally made by Celina and the team.  Additionally, restaurants, hotels, golf courses, and event centers throughout Southern California have become a part of the company's clientele.


Today, LinensBy Celina continues to put clients’ needs, designs, and safety at the forefront.  The team works as a family-based dynamic and this essence is captured with the care placed in each order.  Celina, as a respected matriarch of her family, believes that a critical component to life is a strong work-ethic.  Overall, when you are serviced it is more than selecting linens, it's about family, inspiration, and dedication.

Blush runner and blush napkins for a private event.
Our story

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The bride and groom are seated at a banquet table topped with a custom satin champagne floorlength tablecloth.
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